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Tech Tuesday: Presentations, Digital Publishing and Apps

On this hour, we’ll talk about the art of using powerful presentations in the digital age, new publishing formats for books and gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Organizations and Social Media, Ultrabooks, Gadgetry

On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll talk about the OSU College of Public Health’s social media initiatives, as well as more in social media for organizations. Then, we’ll talk about the latest and best ultrabooks and other new gadgets.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media and Consumer Technology

Experience Columbus is using social media to get the word out about the 200Columbus Celebrations… How are they doing it? Then, it’s February in Barcelona and that means the Mobile World Congress is back in business… What are the hottest smartphones of the conference? Then, we’ll find out more about the unplugged movement among Generation Y.

Tech Tuesday: Apps for Managing Stress, Consumer Electronics Show

Have you vowed to be less controlled by stress in the new year? Are you having trouble sticking to that resolution? There’s an app for that! Then, we’ll continue our overview of the hottest electronics that were highlighted by the Consumer Electronics Show last week.

Tech Tuesday: Online Charities, Tech Reliability, Windows 8

Social media has given us a new way to donate to charity: online. We’ll tell you the best sites and how to do it. Then, how satisfied are you with your technology? What are your most reliable products? And finally, Windows 8… What are the biggest changes? How will this affect your computing? These topics and more on this hour of Tech Tuesday.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media and Shopping, Cloud Devices

How can social media be used to find deals for online shopping? What are Cloud devices? This and more on this hour of Tech Tuesday.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media, Ultra Books, Black Friday Tips

This hour we discuss social media and shopping, the Macbook Air competitor called the Ultrabook, and where to find the best deals on gadgets this holiday season.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media, Tablets & Smart TV

Nonprofits are turning to social media to raise money during the harder economic climate. How has it worked? Also this hour, what’s the best deal for a tablet? Later, we’ll get to the bottom of the talk about Smart TVs.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media & Election; Computer Upgrades

How is social media being used by local campaigns to support or oppose issues? Also, what you’ll need to know if it’s time to upgrade your computer.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media and the Election, Gadgetry

Election season is here and candidates are using social media to advance their campaigns. But what are they doing? Then, we finish the hour discussing augmented reality. Are we one step closer to a virtual universe?