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Wellness Wednesday: Fake Sugar, Embracing Menopause, Overtreatment

With their lack of calories, foods containing artificial sweeteners can seem like a good deal. But a new study shows that fake sugars can actually raise the risk of diabetes. We’ll learn more this hour. Plus, we’ll get information on how to stay cool during menopause, and how over-treatment is costing the country millions, and what to do about it.

Wellness Wednesday: Body-as-Barbell, No-Soap Hygiene, Heart Health

After a session at the gym, most of us race to scrub away the germs. But the key to fighting odor-causing bacteria might be…more bacteria. We’ll look at the science behind skipping the soap and using microbes to stay clean. We’ll also learn how to get buff biceps and a strong core without leaving the house, and get the latest in heart health.

Wellness Wednesday: Caffeine, Cycling, Evidence-Based Medicine

About 63 million Americans start the day with a cup of coffee, and most of them suffer no ill effects. But the caffeine in our beverages has real health consequences. This hour we’ll take a look at the US’s most popular and least regulated drug. Then we’ll see how cycling stacks up as a way to get fit, and get the latest on evidence-based medicine

Wellness Wednesday: Stressed Kids, Nutrition News, Obamacare

In the winter, it can be hard to kickstart your car’s engine. But if you’ve tried to get out of bed on a January morning, you’ve probably had trouble kickstarting yourself. This hour we’ll talk about how to fill your body with nutritional high-test. We’ll also learn how to help kids with anxiety and depression, and more on the rollout of Obamacare.

Wellness Wednesday: Drowning Myths, Body Electric, Men’s Health

In the movies if someone’s drowning, they flail their arms and yell for help. In real life, people often drown silently, and within help’s reach. This hour, we’ll learn what signs really mean danger. Then we’ll hear about a new electronic implant that aides in the detection of organ transplant rejection, and we’ll celebrate Men’s Health Week

Wellness Wednesday: Stress, Anorexia Treatment, Million Hearts

On this hour of Wellness Wednesday, we’ll talk about the problem of stress–not as a symptom or disorder, but as an idea. Then, an exciting study recently found promising results in the treatment of a deadly disease: anorexia. And the Million Heart campaign is targeting heart attacks and strokes in America– we’ll tell you how to get involved.

Wellness Wednesday: Preventing ADHD, Cancer and Obesity

This episode of Wellness Wednesday will feature new information correlating sunlight exposure and the prevalence of ADHD. We’ll also check in with two Ohio health professionals who are enrolling volunteers in an innovative cancer study. Last, we’ll talk about the success of teen mentors in childhood obesity prevention.

Wellness Wednesday: Student Health, Heart Health and Youth Obesity

Students are seemingly some of the most stressed individuals in the world. How do colleges and universities work to promote mental health among their students? Then, we’ll hear a story of one patient with a rare gene mutation that caused very rare episodes of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. And finally, one mom has a unique perspective on nutrition.

Living Well/the Role of the Employer in Providing Health Care

How’s your health? And what do we mean by a healthy lifestyle? We’ll broadcast live from the The Ohio State University’s Rally for Wellness! Health Fair to talk about living healthy, from the important screenings to exercise to issues about stress, and we’ll talk about the role that employers can have in helping employees live healthier lives.