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President Barack Obama

How to evaluate the Obama presidency so far

Reforming the Financial System

The Obama administration’s proposals to regulate the financial industry

Obama’s Healthcare Summit

President Obama’s recent health care summit, the Republican response, and the importance of health care reform

President Obama’s Afghanistan, Pakistan Strategy

President Obama’s counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan

President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union Address

President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Ken Rudin Talks Politics

The Obama administration, Congress, and Washington politics, with NPR’s Ken Rudin

Open Forum / Obama’s Plan in Afghanistan

Open forum, and President Obama’s plan to stabilize Afghanistan and defeat al-Qaida

Ken Rudin Talks Politics

National politics, and what the election results mean for President Obama and the Republican and Democratic parties

Presidents Call for Tougher Financial Industry Regulations

President Obama’s call for tougher regulations on the financial industry

President Obama’s Healthcare Proposal

The details of the President’s health care proposal and what it means for individuals and business in Ohio.