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Public Financing of Sports Arenas

If you build it, they will come? Not so fast. Sports arenas like the Staples Center in LA can be enormously lucrative, but there are plenty that lose millions of dollars every year. This hour we’ll talk about the financial prospects for Columbus’ Nationwide Arena and if sports complexes have the right to play ball with public money.

College Sports and Athletic Compliance/ NPR:Obama on Debt Ceiling

Referees may take care of any penalties on the field, but university compliance officers are the ones who focus on the off-field violations. More on how the compliance office works to oversee university athletes this hour on “All Sides.”

The Ohio State University: Its Proud History and Traditions

“Oh come let’s sing Ohio’s praise,” as we explore the rich past of The Ohio State University.

The Business of College Sports

What happens to a university when it’s better known for its college sports than its academic programs? We’ll talk about the commercialization of college sports and the conflict with academic values occurring across the country.