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The Human-Animal Connection

Timmy had Lassie, Calvin had Hobbes, the connections between humans and animals is undeniable. On this hour, we’ll talk to a veterinarian with 25 years of experience about the symbiotic relationships he’s witnessed. We’ll delve into the inner working of the animal kingdom, and learn how to live a little better by following in their paw prints.

Pet Health: Answers to Your Pet Ailment Questions

Is there something plaguing your pet? Answers to questions about caring for your pet’s health.

Ohio Dairy Farm Animal Cruelty

Two points of view about a recent farm animal abuse video

Calming Effects of Classical Music on Dogs

Clinical studies demonstrating the calming effect of classical music on dogs

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

A conversation with Executive Director Dale Schmidt about the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Pet Welfare Issues in Central Ohio

Pet welfare issues in Central Ohio

Proposed Amendment Create Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board

Two points of view about State Issue 2, a proposed amendment to the Ohio constitution to create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to regulate care for livestock and poultry

Bird Watching: In Your Backyard and in the Wild

Observing birds in our neighborhoods and in the wild with naturalist Kenn Kaufman