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All Sides Weekend: Arts and Culture

This hour’s all about classy cultural fun around Columbus. Even if you haven’t been blessed with the grace of a ballerina or the pipes of a coloratura, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the arts in central Ohio. We’ll hear what’s coming up and what can’t be missed, and we’ll get a live in-studio performance from a local musician.

All Sides Weekend: Arts & Culture in Central Ohio

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, and summer is a busy time for central Ohio’s arts world! This hour, host Christopher Purdy clues us in on what the heart of the Buckeye state will offer up in the coming months. Whether you’re a jazz aficionado, a pop lover or a theater geek, there’s something for everyone.

All Sides Weekend: Arts and Culture in Central Ohio

There are tons of opportunities to experience culture and view art in central Ohio… But you have to know where to look! On this hour, Classical 101 Host Christopher Purdy will host a panel of local experts on arts and culture in our region.