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Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

Governor John Kasich’s recent visits to South Carolina and New Hampshire reinforce the notion that he wants to be a presidential contender. The “Heartbeat” abortion bill passed in the House. Also, out-of-state college students might be required to register for a driver’s license to vote.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

During his balanced budget amendment campaign trip to South Carolina last week, Governor John Kasich once again dodged questions of a possible bid for the 2016 elections. We will also discuss whether or not former Governor Ted Strickland will make a play for Senate.

Ohio Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

It seemed too good to be true–and it turned out it was. Columbus was passed over for the Democratic National Convention. In this week’s roundtable we talk about why Columbus was not chosen, as well as the tax quiz you might have to study up for to get your returns.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

A grand jury recently decided the officers who fatally shot a man in a Walmart last month would not be indicted. But Ohio governor John Kasich and Attorney General Mike DeWine said an inquiry by the U.S. Justice Department would be appropriate. We’ll learn more this hour. Plus, we’ll get an update on the Reynoldsburg teachers’ strike, and more.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Attack ads are, by their nature, nasty, but now they’re allowed to be false, as well. A federal judge in Cincinnati recently struck down an Ohio law banning campaign lies, saying the public, not the government, should decide the political truth. We’ll talk more about that this hour, and we’ll get the latest in other political news around the state.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine came under scrutiny recently for doling out lucrative collections contracts to friends of his campaign. A recent federal court ruling could put Obamacare state subsidies in jeopardy, and a new bill would require all Ohio companies to cover the full range of contraceptives. We’ll learn more this hour.

Fracking Expansion in Ohio

Last week, a fracking well in Monore County caught fire and likely sent contaminants into Possum Creek, killing fish for miles. Proponents of fracking say it’s a plentiful and cheap energy source, but some worry about its links to explosions and earthquakes. We’ll examine the expansion of fracking in Ohio, and its public health consequences.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

While some state car dealer associations are banning direct sales, electric car maker Tesla signed a deal with Ohio to keep existing stores open and selling directly to consumers. This hour, we’ll discuss what this means for the Buckeye State. We’ll also get the latest on Governor Kasich’s possible bid for the presidency, casino revenue and more.