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All Sides Weekend Arts: Cheap Seats Edition

Everybody likes a night on the town, but it can be hard to experience what central Ohio has to offer without breaking the bank. This hour we’ll talk about how to see the latest shows and exhibits even if your wallet’s feeling light. And we’ll get a rundown of all the latest dance, arts, theater and music events to put on your must-see list.

All Sides Weekend: Local Music and Arts Education

If you wanted to be rich and powerful, you might overlook a career in the arts, but some local organizations are working to prepare kids for successful jobs in creative fields. This hour we’ll talk about the intersection of early arts education and real world application. We’ll also hear from a local band helping make musical dreams a reality.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

How do you like your steak? Rare? Medium? Biodynamic? On this hour of Chefs in the City, we’ll talk to a chef who is using the circle of life to create food for healing. Her methods are based on balance, and restoring to the planet what we take from it. We’ll also get the latest restaurant news and reviews from our panel of culinary critics.

All Sides Weekend: Arts and Culture

This hour, we’ll talk about a lineup of arts programming so hot it’ll make you forget how low the mercury had dropped. We’ll hear from the director of a group that crosses boundaries to bring the arts to everyone. We’ll also learn what’s new with Ballet Met, and check in on the happenings at the King Arts Complex.

All Sides Weekend: Music Videos

Music videos help musicians market their songs and add a visual component to an auditory experience. But not every band requires fancy MTV-style productions. This hour we’re talking about the music video production scene here in Columbus. We’ll discuss why bands are choosing to stay local, and the options the city has to offer.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We’re pretty sure that goes for women, too. This hour, as Valentine’s Day approaches, we’ll talk to the chef of one of the city’s most romantic restaurants about how he sets the mood with food. And we’ll get an update on all the latest hot spots for an affectionate evening.

All Sides Weekend: Arts

This hour on All Sides Weekend we’ll get an update on the best of the arts in Columbus. We’ll hear about what’s hot, and what’s sure to keep you warm this season.

All Sides Weekend: Local Music

One of today’s singer/songwriters said the word “country” was “pregnant with innuendo.” But All Sides Weekend isn’t afraid of a little innuendo, so this hour, we’ll talk to some artists who have embraced the term and made it their own. We’ll hear live music played in-studio by our guests, and we’ll talk about what inspires their work.

All Sides Weekend: Books

Author Robin Yocum grew up in Brilliant, OH, and his appearance on All Sides Weekend is a continuation of his illustrious trajectory. He’ll join host Christopher Purdy and the literati for a discussion of the latest and greatest literature. We’ll also talk about what’s keeping the book critics warm during these cold gray days.

The Arts and Social Change

Art doesn’t just sit on a wall, or dance on a stage, or evaporate into the ether. It has the power to make enormous societal improvements. This hour’s guests are an artist/homeless advocacy team who paired up to raise awareness and funding for a badly needed shelter. We’ll talk about the partnership and the power of practical creativity.