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All Sides Weekend: Local Music

Today on the show we talk to the organizers of a girl-centered, rock n’ roll camp aimed at female empowerment and creative expression. Also this hour we’ll talk about a new television program produced locally, honoring the Columbus singer/songwriter music scene. Then we hear from a local musician that brings a Nashville sound to Ohio.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

It’s that time again: Time to put on those pants with the elastic waistband. Taste of Dine Originals is right around the corner, and this year’s event features dozens of restaurants, vineyards and breweries. This hour we’ll discuss what deliciousness to expect, and how to get tickets. We’ll also find out where to go if you want to dine al fresco.

All Sides Weekend: Books

With the final season of Mad Men underway, fans are eager to see what Don Draper will do next. But one Ohio professor is more interested in what Don will read next. This hour we’ll talk to a prof who is teaching a course inspired by Mad Men’s bibliophilic characters. We’ll also get the panel’s latest suggestions for springtime reading.

All Sides Weekend: Record Store Day Edition

Happy Record Store Day! Saturday marks the seventh annual celebration of vinyl by music geeks everywhere, and this year there’s something to celebrate: sales of records were way up last year. We’ll talk about vinyl’s comeback and the local record store’s role in keeping the medium alive. We’ll also highlight a local artist with international appeal

All Sides Weekend Arts: Cheap Seats Edition

Everybody likes a night on the town, but it can be hard to experience what central Ohio has to offer without breaking the bank. This hour we’ll talk about how to see the latest shows and exhibits even if your wallet’s feeling light. And we’ll get a rundown of all the latest dance, arts, theater and music events to put on your must-see list.

All Sides Weekend: Local Music and Arts Education

If you wanted to be rich and powerful, you might overlook a career in the arts, but some local organizations are working to prepare kids for successful jobs in creative fields. This hour we’ll talk about the intersection of early arts education and real world application. We’ll also hear from a local band helping make musical dreams a reality.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

How do you like your steak? Rare? Medium? Biodynamic? On this hour of Chefs in the City, we’ll talk to a chef who is using the circle of life to create food for healing. Her methods are based on balance, and restoring to the planet what we take from it. We’ll also get the latest restaurant news and reviews from our panel of culinary critics.

All Sides Weekend: Arts and Culture

This hour, we’ll talk about a lineup of arts programming so hot it’ll make you forget how low the mercury had dropped. We’ll hear from the director of a group that crosses boundaries to bring the arts to everyone. We’ll also learn what’s new with Ballet Met, and check in on the happenings at the King Arts Complex.

All Sides Weekend: Music Videos

Music videos help musicians market their songs and add a visual component to an auditory experience. But not every band requires fancy MTV-style productions. This hour we’re talking about the music video production scene here in Columbus. We’ll discuss why bands are choosing to stay local, and the options the city has to offer.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We’re pretty sure that goes for women, too. This hour, as Valentine’s Day approaches, we’ll talk to the chef of one of the city’s most romantic restaurants about how he sets the mood with food. And we’ll get an update on all the latest hot spots for an affectionate evening.