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All Sides Weekend: Arts and Culture

The local arts community has now entered the era of L.A.T– Life After Twisted, the choral/opera/ballet/symphony collaboration that delighted audiences last month. This hour we’ll talk with the collaborators about bringing that performance together, about near-and- long-term projects, and what else is hot these days on the Columbus arts scene.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

The first Saturday of every month, thousands of people come to Columbus’ Short North district to take in the city’s best artistic and culinary offerings. Gallery Hop turns 30 this year, and we’ll talk to the chef of a celebrated Short North eatery about how the neighborhood and his food have changed. We’ll also get our critics’ top restaurant picks

All Sides Weekend: Books

Literature featuring minority characters is much more prevalent than it was 50 years ago, but even today, many of us would be hard-pressed to name a book about–or by– someone with a disability. This hour we’ll discuss this group’s under-representation in literature, and which titles our panelists recommend.

All Sides Weekend: New Music Director of Columbus Symphony

The Columbus Symphony Orchestra has a new leader! Bulgarian-born maestro Rossen Milanov will take up the baton starting in January, and he joins us this hour to talk about what drew him to Columbus, his commitment to music education and his priorities for the symphony. Symphony members will weigh in on choosing Milanov to lead the CSO.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Craft breweries are popping up all around Columbus….not only growing in number but in popularity. So what differentiates a craft brewery? What goes into making a great beer? This hour we’ll be joined by a brewmaster and a beer blogger who know the answers. Then we’ll get the area’s latest restaurant reviews from our food critics.

All Sides Weekend: Late Summer Music Festivals

Though it’s still plenty hot out, fall is fast approaching, but not before some excellent music festivals wrap up the season. This hour we’ll talk about the best late summer music festivals in the area, including Ohiolina, a celebration of the tunes of the I-77 corridor, and this year’s East Franklinton Independents’ Day celebration.

All Sides Weekend: Books

The new world of e-readers has been great for those who want quick, inexpensive literature, but it’s been a mixed bag for small publishers. This hour we’ll talk to the CEO of a local publishing company about that, and about the benefits of books you can flip through. We’ll also get the latest late summer recommendations from our critics.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Is there anything better than a whole meal at half-price? This hour we’ll talk about the new deals on dining the city has to offer. And if the idea of a supper club conjures brandy snifters and smoking jackets, Gallerie Bar and Bistro’s new group will redefine that image. And we’ll get our critics’ latest summer restaurant picks.

All Sides Weekend: Local Music

Later this month Columbus will host the first Fashion Meets Music Festival, but the Festival has some time to fill now that they’ve pulled headliner R. Kelly. This hour we’ll talk about the festival and the uproar that forced Kelly to withdraw. Then, as Dublin gears up for the Irish Festival, we’ll discuss the roots and future of Celtic music.

All Sides Weekend: Arts

The arts scene is heating up this summer with lots of dance and theater events. This hour we’ll talk about what’s new at the Columbus Museum of Art, what’s traveling all the way from Broadway, and what’s playing here in our own backyard.