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Tech Tuesday: Road Trip Apps, NSA Surveillance, Gadgets

At this point it’s well known that the NSA has partnered with Verizon and large internet outlets to gather data, but the actual mechanics of the gathering remain vague. This hour, we’ll shine some light on PRISM- the NSA’s data-mining partnership. We’ll also learn the best apps for a summer road trip, and get the latest in gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Political Apps, iPhone 5 and Gadgetry

On this hour, we’ll talk about the top political apps for the election season, and then give you a rundown on the iPhone 5 and the latest in gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media and Crime, Cameras and Gadgetry

It’s time for Tech Tuesday again! On this hour, we’ll talk about how social media impacts coverage of crimes, the latest and greatest in digital cameras, how to take quality pictures on your smartphone cameras and get the rundown on the latest gadgets.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media and Politics, Apple/PC News, Phones

Politicians are using social media more and more every day. Then, both Apple and Microsoft are making big announcements this week… We’ll give you the rundown on the news. And finally, Verizon Wireless may be making changes to its plans and leading the way into new billing for cell phone usage. We’ll talk about the changes and what they mean.

Tech Tuesday: Media and Politics, Holographic Artists and Gadgets

During this Presidential year, social media pages are revving up with political ads and politician’s page updates. Then, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival featured a surprise guest this year, a rapper named Tupac who died years ago, through a hologram. And finally, we’ll cover the CTIA: All Things Mobile Conference in New Orleans.