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Farm Runoff and Ohio’s Waterways

We’re live this hour from the Chadwick Arboretum Plant Sale! Spring is when local farms kick into high gear, but the runoff from fertilizers can create big problems for Ohio’s waterways. Just last year, some of Ohio’s beaches were closed due to high algae levels. We’ll talk about how industries and individuals can embrace lower-impact agriculture.

Modern Rural Renewal

Although only about twenty percent of Americans live in rural communities, the health of these communities is vital to the health of the nation. In this hour of All Sides, we’ll discuss the makings of a vital rural community, and what it takes to preserve this way of life.

Barn Preservation in Ohio

Preserving Ohio’s historic barns for agricultural and adaptive re-use.

Toxic Algae Pollution in Grand Lake St. Marys

Toxic algae pollution poisoning Grand Lake St. Marys

Animal Welfare Issues in Ohio

Animal welfare issues in Ohio

Food Production in Ohio

Two points of view about food production in Ohio and the U.S.

Local Chefs Cook Local Food

Local chefs using local food, and a conversation with Rigsby’s Kitchen Co-Proprietor and chef Kent Rigsby

Movement to Build Sustainable Food System

A movement to build a sustainable food system that nourishes our bodies and our environment

Proposed Amendment Create Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board

Two points of view about State Issue 2, a proposed amendment to the Ohio constitution to create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to regulate care for livestock and poultry

Food Safety in the U.S.

Concerns about food safety in the U.S. as well as the national and local food production systems, and how consumers can protect themselves