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Implications of Ohio’s Abortion Restrictions

Last week a judge ruled that a Cincinnati area women’s clinic would have to stop providing access to surgical abortions. This leaves the Cincinnati area with one abortion provider; a total of 10 remain in the state. This hour we’ll hear from both sides on the practical implications of the latest restrictions to abortion in Ohio.

National Abortion Update

With abortion-related provisions in the state budget and the number of clinics down to 9, Ohio women have fewer options when seeking an abortion. This hour we’ll take a look at abortion regulations in Ohio and around the nation.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable: State Budget Edition

Ohio’s newest budget will be signed on Sunday, but it’s already been hailed as “exciting and positive,” and dismissed as a “train wreck.” The $62 billion budget includes increased school funding, some income tax cuts and restrictions on abortions. This hour, our panel of reporters will offer their analysis on what’s in store for the Buckeye State.

Politics with Political Junkie Ken Rudin

There’s lots of news from Washington this week. Budget analysts have determined the economic benefits of immigration reform. The House passed a bill that limits abortions. And an increasing number of Americans think the President was behind the IRS Tea Party targeting scandal. This hour, Ken Rudin joins us to sort out the latest headlines.

Mississippi Votes on “Personhood Amendment,” Banning All Abortions

Today, voters in Mississippi will consider an amendment that would end all abortions. The ballot initiative is part of a national campaign that next year will target Ohio. We’ll hear from a reporter covering the campaign in Mississippi, as well as proponents and opponents for the campaign already begun in Ohio.

Abortion Restrictions in State Budget/ Consitutional Conservatism

First a discussion about new restrictions on abortion placed into the Ohio Budget on Tuesday, then a conversation with former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell.

Viewpoints About Ohio’s Abortion Legislation

Two points of view about legislation about abortion introduced in the Ohio General Assembly; and the recent focus on abortion-related issues in Congress.

Ohio Lawmakers Consider Bills Eliminating Labor Unions, Most Abortions, and Estate Tax

Legislation being considered in the Ohio General Assembly, including bills to kill the estate tax, ban most abortions, and eliminate collective bargaining for state workers