SPLIT: Examining Political Polarization in America



America’s political divide is widening every day as parties become more and more polarized and hit extremes. On this hour, we’ll talk about one documentary film that examines the political divide in our country.


  • Kelly Nyks (documentary writer and director)
  • Jared Scott (documentary producer and editor)


The Drexel Theater will have a special, limited 3-day showing of “SPLIT: A Deeper Divide,” a documentary that looks beyond the bitter rancor to reveal the truth of how our country has become more polarized and our politics more gridlocked than at any other time in recent memory. Writer and director Kelly Nyks and producer Jared Scott  will introduce the film and answer questions after the screening. Tickets available at the Drexel Box Office during theatre hours, by calling (614) 231-1050.

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  • Lisa Craig Morton

    Ann – You might want to let your listeners know that the info is NOT on the Drexel’s website right now. I spoke to them just a few minutes ago and they were not giving out any info over the phone. The best they could tell me was to check back on the website later this evening.  It will be showing October 25, 26 and 27 and the times will be posted on the website by the end of today.

  • Alyssa Chenault

    Thanks Lisa! I just went to look on the Drexel’s website and didn’t find anything. Thanks for the additional information.

  • Alyssa Chenault
  • Jane

    Any info on how to see it if you can’t make it to the 3 day showing?