South Side Neighborhood and Development



The South Side doesn’t seem to have much to celebrate during Columbus’ Bicentennial this year. The area’s unemployment rate is 20 percent and a quarter of its residents lives in poverty. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman announced a plan to help the area. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll talk about the struggling South Side of Columbus.


  • Mark Ferenchik (Urban Affairs and Neighborhood Reporter, Columbus Dispatch)
  • Bob Leighty (President-elect, Parsons Avenue Merchants Association)
  • Donna Bates (community activist)

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For more historical information on the South Side, visit this Facebook page.

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  • Kenneth Williams

    Good  Show  Ann!!. I am sorry  I missed the  show. We  would  have definitively  had  much  to  
    comment  on the  South Side.  Please  have us  on  your  Show  in the  future.

    Thanks Ken!!