Shopping at Farmer’s Markets in Central Ohio


‘Tis the season for fresh blueberries, carrots, and summer raspberries. These and other fresh fruits and veggies will not only be available in grocery stores’ produce aisles this season, but they’ll also make their way onto city sidewalks, as they’re sold during local farmers markets.

This hour, we’ll talk about growing, selling, and buying locally with various farmer’s markets this season, and how eating healthy and local can prove beneficial to yourself, small farmers, and also the community.

Farmer’s markets have always been a great place to purchase high-quality, local produce. In Ohio, the number of farmer’s markets have increased by 66 percent in the last five years.

Visit Columbus Public Health to check out more information on CPH-sponsored farmer’s markets.


  • Tricia Wheeler (Editor in Chief, Edible Columbus)
  • David Wible (Executive Director, North Market)
  • Adam Welly (co-owner, Wayward Seed Farm)

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  • Krisrojas

    Loved the show today.  I have been part of the eating local movement for a few years now.  I tried to call in to discuss payment options at Farmer’s Markets and was wondering whether some vendors are positioned to take electronic payments.  It really is the way things are moving and it would be great for them to offer this alternative to cash.  It’s not hard to set up and with iPhone and other smart phone apps, it’s quick to use.  Typically sales increase 15 – 30% when cc payments are offered.  I’ve been hearing from Food Truck patrons that they want to use plastic as well.  I work for a credit card processing company that is locally owned and is such a great alternative to the big banks.  You could think of us as a locally grown credit card processor.  We make sure that our merchants are gettting the absolute lowest rates available and great customer service.  If any farmers or food truck vendors are interested, contact me.  We’ll tell you the truth about credit card processing.  Thanks. Kris Rojas