Regulation of Natural Gas and Oil Fracking in Ohio



Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he’s “all for fracking” in Ohio, but doesn’t think the regulations on the new drilling technique are up to par. Join us on this hour of “All Sides” as we discuss fracking: everything from its needed regulations to its environmental impact and even its potential for more Ohio jobs.


  • Mike DeWine (Ohio Attorney General)
  • Robert Hagen (State Representative, 60th District)
  • Terry Fleming (Executive Director, Ohio Petroleum Council)
  • Jack Shaner (Deputy Director, Ohio Environmental Council)

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  • Dwaine Of Shirley

    Terry Fleming is great at skirting questions put to him! “Paying $20,000 a day.” is not the issue. The issue is: Paying $20,0000 IF YOU BREAK THE LAW.

    He also said: (paraphrasing), “If a small business invests millions, you’ll put him out of business, if his business is paying for these other things….”  Terry knows that paying for driving drunk, has nothing to do with how much you paid for your car!