Ramadan and the Tradition of Fasting



We’ve reached the halfway point of the holy month of Ramadan, a time when Muslims around the world abstain from food and drink between sunrise and sundown. This hour we’ll take a closer look at the tradition of fasting, and examine why almost all faiths have feast days and fast days, and how going without food affects the mind and body.


  • Shakeel Muhammad, Outreach Director, Noor Islamic Cultural Center
  • Tom Ferguson, Dean and Professor at Bexley Hall (Episcopal) Seminar
  • Richard J. Bloomer, Chair of Department of Health and Sports Sciences- University of Memphis

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  • Yusuf Estes

    Salam alaykum (Peace be to all),
    wonderful chance to learn more about Muslims and their customs, culture and beliefs. Really proud to be a part of this growing community.
    You guys keep up the good work in Columbus and be an example for the rest of America, inshallah (Lord Willing).
    Peace to all,
    Yusuf Estes – director Guide US TV
    Columbus, Ohio

    • Meem Sheen

      It was nice presentation, good job

  • Nomi

    Very enlightening and informative. Nice presentation by Ann Fisher and Shakeel Muhammad. Pls keep up the good work. WOSU… thanks for reaching out to Muslim community and spreading the message of Ramadan that is “God’s Blessings”. Proud to be a Muslim.
    Peace for all
    Naghma Malik

  • Khalid Khan

    Over all a very positive program, keep up the good work Ann.
    Khalid Khan

  • Saidul I.

    Thanks Ann for the coverage and being inclusive! It helps to make everyone feel truly part of the community and bridge any gap.