Presidential Hopefuls 2016: A Kasich White House?



A bit like Christmas, election season seems to come earlier every year. But recently there was news that Ohio governor John Kasich may throw his hat into the presidential ring. Some pundits think he’s got just the blend of Conservative values and Liberal policies missing from the GOP. This hour we’ll get an early look at how the 2016 race is shaping up.


  • Neil King, Jr., National political reporter for The Wall Street Journal
  • Bill Hershey, Retired Columbus Bureau Correspondent for Dayton Daily News
  • Alexander Burns, Senior Political Reporter at POLITICO

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  • CrawfordOHIO

    2016 may be a reaction vote in the face of a current lack of WH Exec. Leadership and rampant Fed. deficits. After a bumpy start in the Governorship, JK is now polling well over 50% in a purple state that is a ‘must have’ for the GOP. If US Conservatives and Moderates are serious about balancing the budget then this guy is going to get attention. He not only turned-around a major deficit at the state level, but also was House Budget Chair the last time the Federal Govt had a surplus. Experience and Results.

    • John Kirwin

      The governor is a darling of the modern day no-nothings, who call themselves the Tea Party. He joined with legislative leaders in wielding the fiscal meat cleaver to ensure a healthy tax break for wealthy Ohioans. His campaign ads can take a clip of the role Jack Nicholson played in “The Shining” when he chopped through the bathroom door and announced “Here’s Johnnie”.

      • CrawfordOHIO

        Though he certain lines up on ‘right to work’, faith based issues, and lower income taxes, I haven’t found him to be as down-the-line Tea Party as you suggest. Nowadays many in the TP aren’t happy with his Medicaid expansion plans among other items, but JK makes a reasonable case for his positions there. Regardless, it’s hard to argue with a guy who has shown that he can balance the budget in DC and at the state level and keep OH well ahead of the nation in terms of jobs. We haven’t seen that from the Dems, either in OH, or elsewhere as recent. In OH, I see the next serious Dem candidate for Gov as Cordray (’17?) so all else are just placeholders on the ballot. Might mean that JK looks to run for DC, but if not, then the GOP nominee will have to give him some serious consideration for VP or Treasury.