Pony Up: The Columbus Zoo Levy



This May’s primary ballot will include a proposed tax levy for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Auditors estimate the levy would create about $37 million in yearly revenue, but does the zoo need tax dollars? This hour we’ll examine how zoos stay funded, and the effects the levy would have on residents and on business.


  • Tom Stalf, Columbus Zoo President and CEO
  • Jim Maddy, President and CEO Assoc of Zoos and Aquariums

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  • Sue R

    I attended a lovely Zoo in Florida a few years ago…about a quarter the size of the Columbus Zoo….their entry fee was: $25.00 Our entry fee is $14.99. We have an incredible zoo here folks….largest zoo in the country. Continuously voted the number one zoo in the country by U.S. Travel. Although I am not in love with taxes…..I do value our zoo! Its worth it!!

  • R. McCoy

    I have been happy to vote for the zoo levy in the past – but this time am leaning toward a ‘no’ vote especially as the amount is doubling. The argument that the zoo is a regional economic asset is very true. So why are Franklin county residents being singled out & the surrounding counties not sharing the burden? Additionally, since our property taxes are providing some zoo funding, why can’t we get a discount on admission/membership or parking or a free ice cream? This has been brought up before & the zoo administration always think it’s a wonderful idea (like this time) – until the levy passes at which time the idea is stored away for the next levy request.