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Are you a boomer getting ready to retire? Or is retirement years away but are you wondering what you need to do to plan for that day? And what is considered a “good” retirement? It’s not always a clear issue. Sometimes, even well-laid plans for retirement can get deferred or derailed. There are always a lot of gray areas when preparing for retirement… But on this hour of “All Sides, guest host Stu Nicholson will chat with a few retirement experts to help plan your retirement security.


  • Diane Oakley (Executive Director, National Institute on Retirement Security)
  • Karen Carraher (Executive Director, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System)

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Diane Oakley will be on a panel titled, “Considering Retirement: The Many Shades of Gray” on Weds., April 4 from 12 – 1:15 p.m. The other guest is Jason Seligman, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University and the panel will be moderated by Linda Mauger Director, Office of Geriatrics and Gerontology, College of Medicine, The Ohio State University. Click here for more information.

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    OPERS Ohio Retirement needs a Cost Of Living Adjustments due to the fact that gas bill expenses, water bill expenses, computer / telephone  expenses, and electric bill expenses are needed to survive. Every year there are new expenses that are updated on your cost of living expenses.  It is sad and pitiful an American worker retired  can not afford to live with a hot breakfast everyday, buy needed medicine, and pay needed bills to live.   What happen is the fact the cost of food is severe and extreme in all things.   Who is getting  all this severe and extreme money ?  Who are  the Fat Cat Wizard  Bankers ?   Who are  in control of the economy of retirement   money ?   Where is all of this heading?    Are we going to  eat Dogs and Cats and turn Petco into a Grocery Store that sell Dogs  and Cats are a Dinner Menu ?