Papal State: A Year of Pope Francis



One year ago, Catholics worldwide saw the election of the first Jesuit pope. He chose the name “Francis,” and has seemed to favor humility and service over pomp and politics. But has the church seen major reform? This hour we’ll talk about Francis’ first year– what he’s done, what remains, and why he’s so enthralling.


  • Michael Sean Winters, blogger/columnist for National Catholic Reporter
  • Dr. Leo Madden, Associate Professor of Theology & Head of the Department of Theology, Ohio Dominican University
  • JoAnne Viviano, Faith & Values reporter at The Columbus Dispatch

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  • James

    Awesome, that reporter was beautiful, JoAnne did an amazing..job she is a keeper for The Columbus Dispatch, best newspaper in Ohio!!

    • Tiffany

      I now subscribe to the Columbus Dispatch because of the wonderful reporting of JoAnne Viviano. I am going into the ministry, and it means so much to have competent and heart-felt coverage on issues of faith in central Ohio.

  • Terry esarco

    I did not hear the radio broadcast but as a liberal catholic I welcome a moderate voice of reason to the dialogue to bring the Roman Catholic church into the twenty first century.