OSU Marching Band Culture and Title IX



News of the sexualized culture of OSU’s marching band has shocked the public, and led to the recent termination of the band’s director. This hour we’ll look more closely into alleged violations of Title IX, the 1972 amendment prohibiting sex discrimination in educational settings. We’ll also discuss the pervasiveness and dangers of hazing.


  • Mandie Trimble, reporter for WOSU
  • David Axelrod, attorney for former OSU band director, Jonathan Waters
  • Charles Hall, executive director of HazingPrevention.Org, 1-888-NOT-HAZE
  • Saundra Schuster, partner with The NCHERM Group & co-founder of The Association of Title IX Administrators

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  • Mary Daniels

    Look. If you have any activities in the band that requires.. “looking the other way,” or “secrecy and protection..” this affects EVERYBODY, whether you are involved, aware or not.. so it is on the COWARDS who perpetrated these “traditions..” on the organizations.. that should do the adult thing, come forward, pay their penalties, and exonerate the good band members and program..
    If it is, indeed, a few members.. then the FEW should be brought forward, no?? and the real scope would be exposed..

    • Jake

      I don’t think calling your fellow band mates goofy names like “ballsacagawea” is cowardly at all, nor does it warrant the lynching that you’re suggesting.

  • Andrew M

    I laughed so hard when the guy suggested the band be dissolved for 2 years. LOL what a pathetic joke. If half you people developed a sense of humor and took the stick out of your @ss this wouldn’t be an issue at all. Breaking news: band kids do silly stuff, and the director doesn’t have time to babysit all 225 of them.

  • BuckeyeinTX

    “Thorough” report – are you kidding! There is NO way that 10 members/former members constitutes a thorough report when there are thousands of alumni. Also, the OSUMB as an institution treats ALL members, regardless of gender, exactly the same. If a woman makes the band, it means she marched and played better than any of the people who did NOT make the band, without any look at ‘equality’ between men and women. Reinstate Jon Waters while the larger investigation takes place and ensure that you speak to women outside of the current situation.

  • Steve

    Mr. Waters is done. What happened can be discussed and debated, but his time as the director is over. The era of the marching band mafia is over.