A Conversation with OSU President E. Gordon Gee



The Ohio State University is constantly buzzing; everything from hiring a new football coach to promoting a safer campus area. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll be joined by President E. Gordon Gee to discuss all things Ohio State.


  • E. Gordon Gee (President, The Ohio State University)

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  • Anonymous

    “You’re always seeing the numbers of four-year college graduates who can’t get jobs in the fields they graduate in,” said Dave Lord, a pre-engineering instructor for Kettering Fairmont High School. “It’s a shame. I mean, kids are going to go out there and (rack) up huge debts and have no usable skills when they’re done.” 

    When Gee said the job placement statistics were available and the parent said the counselor told him they were not available why didn’t you ask why aren’t they on line and how can someone get them?

    Gee was dodging all over the place. Gee said you had to go to OSU to see the statistics, but didn’t give enough information as to where  to go, who to ask, what the names of the report/s are ect. so the public could see these statistics. 

    If the job placement statistics exist, they must not be very good.