Open Forum: March 4, 2013



On this hour, we’re holding an open forum. What topics are both in the news and on your mind? Are you feeling the effects of the sequester? Call in and share your thoughts.



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  • Patrick

    So far as I have heard, there have been a lot of talk recently about economic disparity and finding ways to increase our tax revenue both on the state and federal level. What has not been discussed is the most glaring resolution to our economic woes. Nationally recognized religions have become the largest corporations in this country and throughout the world. The do not pay any taxes whatsoever and rake in billions of dollars every year. If we want to be in the black, we need to begin taxing the church. I find it incredibly unfair that I have to pay nearly 30% of my paycheck to the government and the 4 churches within half a mile of me pay 0%