Open Forum: Dec. 17, 2012



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  • Anomony

    To the cller who said this kind of thing (mass shootings) didn’t happen “before”,  actually they did but we didn’t hear about it, and if we did we didn’t learn about it in real time. The state of communication allows these events into our homes as their happening and sometimes as the event unfolds. Before it would take hours for news to creep across the country, via teletype once the event was called in through a pay phone, hours to make the film and days to distribute it. And the event was just one item in the 6 o’clock news. Now there is live streaming of sound and video through at least a cell phone and a 24 hour news cycle that will report on the event continuously with updates of the most meaningless development.

  • Dick Dieffenderfer

    Total Social Costs: 
    “we can’t afford preventative care for mental illness”…. looking back a few years, what was the total costs of all the police work, medical bills, legal costs, damage to city image, etc. of the
    “Columbus freeway shooter”?Daily TV news features scores of violent events each month, add up these cost, the limited public dollars could be better spent.Dick, NW Columbus

  • Robert Thompson

    I did not catch the whole program but unfortunatly only bits and pieces but what I did hear was a lot of beefing up  securty,blame it on media/video games ye they do play there part I’m sure but did it accure that mommy and daddy not giving them some of the attention they need to busy working ,partying or just does not want to make time; a thing that when I was growing up was diseplen but now is child abuse there is a difference ok apparently not according to children’s services. I myself am ADHD and I work with people with disorders that does play a role. but feel it is there way of getting attention