Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee Going Forward



One in five Ohio third graders need help with reading, and one in five now runs the risk of maybe being held back in the third grade another year. On this hour, we’ll discuss Ohio’s third grade reading guarantee and what’s happening in schools now. We’ll also talk about Florida, a state that has had guarantees in progress for years, and discuss what’s coming up in Ohio.


  • Molly Bloom (Digital Reporter for StateImpact Ohio)
  • Damon Asbury (Director of Legislative Services for the Ohio School Board Association)
  • Martin West (Assistant Professor of Education and American Politics at Harvard University)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=428587 Roderick Chu

    How long will we continue to operate under the presumption that all kids are machines who do and should learn the same subject at the same time and at the same speed – and then stigmatize them when they don’t?