Ohio’s Rail System: A Train to Fort Wayne?



A plan for high speed rail between Columbus and Chicago is in the works. All that’s needed is time and money. A recent feasibility study says the $1.3 billion project would create millions in jobs and household income, but some small towns feel left out. This hour, we’ll take a look at the major players and see if rail transport is in our future, or if that train has left the station.


  • Ken Prendergast, Executive Director of All-aboard Ohio
  • David J. Berger, Mayor of Lima, OH
  • Terry Casey, Republican Strategist
  • Ross Capon, President & CEO of National Association of Railroad Passengers

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  • Stephanie LaCava

    Really promising… Will they include D.C. to this route, similar to Cleveland’s Capitol Limited Route by Amtrak? Or, at the very least, will Columbus finally be connected to Cleveland or Cincinnati by high-speed rail?