Ohio’s Health Care Ballot Issues


Now, the Ohio health care question has been cleared for the fall ballot…

Ohio voters will decide whether Ohio can opt out of the national health care overhaul; as Secretary of State, Jon Husted, said Tuesday that opponents of the federal law have enough signatures to put a constitutional amendment on the Nov. 8 ballot.

So what are the pros and cons if voters do choose to opt out of the health care overhaul, and what does this mean for health care in Ohio? We’ll talk with Statehouse News Reporter, Bill Cohen, as well as Maurice Thompson representing the Ohio Liberty Council from the Center for Constitutional Law and Cathy Levine from UHCAN Ohio.


  • Cathy Levine (Executive Director of UHCAN Ohio)
  • Maurice Thompson (Director 1851 Center for Constitutional Law)

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  • Carrie

    Maurice Thompson rocks!  I am NOT my brother’s keeper.  If I want to help someone pay for medical care, it should be my choice.  I choose who I help and when.  It is not the government’s role to force me to be charitable. 

  • Jasbo1

    Ann Fisher is so obviously biased in her questioning.  Mannerisms and body language are also very telling.  Bill Cohen, on the other hand, is very difficult to tell what side of the issue he is on. Now that’s a good journalist.  He reports the facts, not his biases.

  • Oodev

    Defund NPR!