Ohio’s Charter School Oversights



Last Tuesday, a group of four former Horizon teachers testified for the State Board of Education. Accusations included manipulated attendance records, inappropriate sexual behavior and improper state test handling.  Charter schools have more leeway to innovate, but critics worry they aren’t being held accountable. We’ll examine the issue this hour.


  • Doug Livingston, reporter for the Akron Beacon Journal
  • Chad Aldis, vice president for Ohio policy and advocacy at the Thomas B Fordham Institute
  • Debe Terhar, president of the State Board of Education of Ohio
  • Stephen Dyer, education policy fellow at Innovation Ohio

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  • Livininbrooklyn

    Charter Schools – Failures and False Promises

  • ForBalance


    It is so obvious that you side with the opponents of charter schools that it is interfering with your position as a facilitator in this discussion: why is that every single question you ask in this program is against the charter schools?

    It appears that you are given a set of questions and you didn’t do your homework: Like at 20:20, Ohio Whistleblower Laws protect every resident including the teachers in charter schools Or twisted reporting at (44:58) that Charter schools get 50% more State dollars where as overall funding (including non-state funds) is 67% of what traditional public schools get. Or complaining about higher real-estate (rental) expenses charters pay, while traditional schools get free and newest gigantic buildings and free facilities…

    It is in the interest of WOUB supporters to see a balanced coverage of this issue and you are not doing so…

    • Chester


      Getting away from political leanings and back to the subject at hand, Horizon Schools have been horrible for students, alligations of cheating on tests, taking taxpayer dollars and now being investigated by the FBI for not spending those dollars correctly and currently has no oversight by the state… until the teachers came forward.

      So, politics makes no difference. Pretty clear Horizon needs to be investigated and probably shouldn’t receive anymore state funding.

      That is the issue at hand.

  • MightyMouse

    What a shame. Our children and teachers deserve better.