Ohio Reporter Roundtable



Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Ed Fitzgerald, launched his first ad aimed at the working class last week. He said Governor Kasich’s tax cuts only help the wealthy, and “Ohio is meant for all of us.”  This hour we’ll discuss the governor’s race, the misconduct investigation into a chain of charter schools, and what LeBron James’ return means for Cleveland.


  • Jim Siegel, statehouse reporter for The Columbus Dispatch
  • Chrissie Thompson, reporter for The Cincinnati Enquirer
  • Jo Ingles, correspondent for The Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau

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  • NotFunny


    Pretty appalling poor quality of journalism on Charter schools as far as I am concerned. Riddled with inaccurate reporting:
    - Charter schools are also public schools and their accounts are audited by the state and available to public.
    - Charter schools do NOT take away money from public schools but SAVE money for public: traditional schools get ~$12k per student where as charters get ~$7k. Go figure the savings…
    - Not a single reporter that can defend charter schools in a program for 23mins – how is that for journalistic bias?