Ohio’s Minimum Wage: Tipped Employees and the Gender Gap



The federal full minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, while sub-minimum wage for tipped employees is $2.15 per hour. Are these numbers fair? Can you make a living off minimum wage? Can you make a living as a tipped employee? And finally, are women still paid less than their male co-workers? On this hour of “All Sides,” we’re talking about minimum wage in Ohio.


  • Julie Graber (CEO, Institute on Women)
  • Hannah Halbert (Policy Liason, Policy Matters Ohio)
  • Scott Heimlich (President, Central Ohio Restaurant Association)
  • Bill Faith (Executive Director, COHHIO)

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  • Lindsey Lovel

    I have worked in the hospitality industry for 9 years and have always found that men disproportionately make better tips. I have always had the impression that this is because men generally pay for the bill and they have a sort of “boys club” mentality. I’ve also found that men trust other men more to give them better service. For example, I have had guests request a male server but never request a female server.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=748002951 Anonymous

    I tip based on the service received, Gender does not matter in that decision.