Noise Levels at Cooper Stadium / Concealed Carry in Restaurants


11:00 Groups in favor of turning Cooper Stadium into a racetrack say the installation of sound barriers will reduce the noise levels around the proposed auto racetrack, but several residents and businesses nearby are concerned. Because of that issue of noise, both sides have commissioned noise studies—with conflicting results.

We’ll talk with a noise compliance expert that conducted one of the independent studies to analyze this situation at Cooper Stadium.


  • Eric Zwerling, President, The Noise Consultancy
  • Stefanie Coe, President of the Southwest Civic Association

11:40 Later this hour, we’ll talk about legislation enacted, that the governor is expected to sign, allowing the concealed carry of firearms in Ohio bars and restaurants which serve alcohol. What does this new law mean for Ohio consumers? What is going to be the new etiquette for concealed carry?


  • Jeff Garvas, President/founder Ohioans for Concealed Carry
  • Robert Himes, Central Ohio Restaurant Association

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