Music of Hope and Healing with Judy Collins

Judy Collins

Photo: CAPA

Grammy award winning singer Judy Collins finds inspiration for her music and books based on events in her life.



In a career spanning more than five decades Judy Collins has distinguished herself repeatedly with several top-ten hits, grammy nominations, and gold and platinum selling albums. This hour on “All Sides,” we talk with the singer and author about her career and life.


  • Judy Collins (Singer and Author)


Judy Collins and special guest Kenny White will perform seasonal favorites and classical hits on Monday, Dec. 5. The show begins at 8 p.m. in the Lincoln Theater. For more information visit Capa’s Web site.


For more information click here: “Sweet Judy Blue Eyes: My Life in Music” by Judy Collins.


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  • Veronica F. Murray-Hooffstette

    Thanks for sharing your experience, strength and hope.  You’ve come thorough a lot.  And lived to tell about it.  That’s called having a Guardian Angel.  I can relate!  Keep smiling!