Midlife Reinvention: A Conversation with Jane Pauley



Jane Pauley began her career in TV news over 30 years ago, but only recently have lifespans allowed for careers of that length and longer. It’s not just twenty-somethings who have to figure out what to do with their lives, and this hour we’ll talk to Pauley about her new book celebrating those over fifty who’ve had the courage to reinvent themselves.



Thurs, Jan 9, 7 pm, Jane Pauley will be speaking at the Thurber House.

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  • Rich in Columbus

    Lovely interview…amazing guest!

  • John the Nurse

    John the Engineer who is now a Nurse Practitioner and Nursing Professor, here. Ann, thank you for hosting Ms. Pauley on your show. She had a very important message. Jane, thank you for your enthusiastic response to my story. I have found my life calling and this person was certainly a stranger to my former self. Now I cannot imagine how I ever did NOT do this work. It is who I am. It is written on me. And thank you for letting people know it’s OK to make a change, even if you’re nowhere near retirement! :-D I would be very happy to share the details of this amazing transition with folks who are interested in it.