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Feeling festive? There’s a beer for that. Want a sour, hoppy, balanced, chocolate ale? There’s one for that, too. These days you can find a brew to satisfy almost any craving. But the shelves weren’t always brimming with boutique lagers. This hour we’ll talk about the craft brew craze, those who make their own, and what keeps small breweries in business.


  • Jim Ellison, co-owner, Columbus Brew Adventures
  • Julia Herz, homebrewer, Craft Beer Program Director, Brewers Association
  • Rick Armon, homebrewer, Reporter with the Akron Beacon Journal and author of Ohio Breweries

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  • Lisa

    Hi Ann! Thanks for your program today! I work for Premium beverage supply and we started a craft only distributorship 18 years ago when the resurgence of brewers on the coasts were just taking off. It’s been a great time to see Ohioans embrace the amazing offerings supplied by the brewers. This whole market is very Americana in that it has been driving various entrepreneurs, who usually strive for responsible, green business models.

  • cherylharrison

    Thanks for the Drink Up Columbus shoutout, Jim! Really enjoyed this discussion. BTW, Gordon Biersch (chain restaurant, but beer is brewed on-premise) has lots o’ Bocks! :)

    • CbusBrewAdv

      Thanks for the Bock save Cheryl. And we agree with Brewdood – there is a whole show worth of discussion on Columbus Breweries.

  • Brewdood

    Great segment today on craft. You’ve only scratched the surface on all this liquid art we have in Cbus. Do more!