Merit Pay in Ohio Schools


Merit pay in Ohio Schools is in the process of being established. How should we rate our teachers and judge and reward their performance in the classroom?


  • Tim Dove (Teacher, Phoenix Middle School)
  • Kristan Van Hook (VP for Policy and Development, National Institute for Excellence in teaching)

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  • Nick v.A.

    There is always something to be said about how a person looks on paper and how a person performs in real life. Merit pay has a Tangible impact on a school teacher and makes them accountable to being effective. 

    If you teach and your students don’t learn then you have failed at the very definition of being a teacher.

    I can tell you that I’ve worked with very smart people that do a wonderful job of crossing t’s and dotting i’s but don’t have the effectiveness as a more engaging but average-on-paper employee. This may help illuminate the average but effective teachers.

  • Join the Future

    Unfortunately Nick, the science doesn’t support your opinion. Studies continue to show that merit pay for teachers has no impact on student performance. Teachers are not motivated by pay, but by teaching. Linking test results to pay simply causes students to be taught to the test to the detriment of their education.

  • Deborah

    So wait, what is the answer for the educators who teach academic subjects (Music and Art are academic, by the way) and aren’t state tested?  It was mentioned during this podcast, and I keep hearing tap-dancing around that, but how are the Music, Art, PE, Counselors, Special Needs, etc. teachers to be evaluated with the merit pay lens?  Who is ultimately responsible for determining “growth” in these areas (since it clearly won’t be the teacher involved)?  The state of Ohio has just implemented PE data collection.  How is being evaluated with data that the teacher has very little control over (a child’s fat percentage is certainly not within a teacher’s control) even sensible?  The idea of being evaluated based on student test scores is terrifying, but so is a sense of being evaluated with a nebulous “criteria” set developed by someone who has never been in any of those classrooms and doesn’t understand their unique nature!