Carla Hale Speaks on Her Controversial Firing at Watterson School



Carla Hale, the veteran Physical Education teacher fired from Bishop Watterson High School because she admitted she is in a committed gay relationship, is taking a stand against the school and the Catholic Church. On this hour, we’ll talk about Carla Hale’s options, the legal question in this story, and the Church’s history on gay rights.


  • Carla Hale, teacher dismissed from Bishop Watterson High School
  • Marc Spindelman, Professor at the Moritz College of Law
  • Donald Brey, Lawyer and Board Member of Catholics for Ohio

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  • Dianne Martin

    Catholic Schools are not and have never been there simply to teach children academics. Their purpose is to train up children to follow Catholic doctrines. Being a practicing lesbian, having any sexual relations outside of marriage are all contrary to Catholic doctrines on morality. Am I a sinner? Absolutely! WE ALL ARE…but the thing is some of us try to live the teachings and some of us don’t. Ms. Hale is an open lesbian involved in a publically known homosexual relationship. She is not ashamed of her behaviors… She knew this was a Catholic school when she applied to teach there. Catholic school teachers are supposed to be teaching Catholic morality. What she practices openly is anything but Catholic morality.

  • Cheryl Cropp

    I thought Mr. Spindelman’s comments were scary. If this is a professor at the OSU Moritz College of Law, and in light of President Gee’s comments re. “those damn Catholics,” perhaps our local big university needs to go back to school. God save the U.S. Constitution, and God help us if people who don’t respect it teach it. Regarding Ms. Hale, I think her confusion as to why she would be fired stems from a past history of liberalism within the diocese and the American Catholic Church in general. She finds nothing immoral in having a lesbian partner, but the real Catholic Church does. Her recent comments, too, in Columbus’s gay magazine “Outlook,” addressing gay teenagers, undermines her comment that all she taught was “secular.” She has a clear, personal agenda regarding the education of children, and it is not one the Bishop of Columbus should pay money for.

    • Cheryl Cropp

      Oops: I guess President Gee apologized regarding this statement, which he meant to be jesting humor. I guess I was just angry after listening to this radio interview, I don’t also mean to be unforgiving. I should also retract my assumption that Mr. Spindelman doesn’t “respect” the Constitution. To me, this whole situation is a no brainer but that is what dialogue and prayer are for. I will continue to pray for Carla and all involved, especially Bishop Campbell. May the light of Jesus’s Truth lead him always.