Live Remote: Ohio’s Changing Suburbs/Future of Golf


10 am

Dublin, OH was recently ranked the happiest suburb in America, but the suburbs are changing. Big houses and safe streets are still suburban hallmarks, but there’s a push to bring communities together by building inward. This hour we’re live from Dublin’s Muirfield Village Golf Club discussing the evolving suburbs, and impending changes to the game of golf.


  • Doug Buchannan, Managing Editor, Business First
  • Terry Foegler, Dublin Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • William Murdock, Executive Director, Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission
  • Rob Oller, Sports Columnist for The Columbus Dispatch

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  • Ron

    USA in rough numbers: 300,000,000 people, 60,000,000 in core cities, 60,000,000 in rural areas, and 180,000,000 in suburb and small cities, or 60%. The total area of suburbs and small towns is about 100,000 square miles, or 1,800 persons per mile.

    That is a very low density compared to settlement patterns around the world. Assuming that in mid-century USA is 360,000,000, and all the growth were to go into suburbs, and the land base stays the same, density would only increase to 2,400 persons per square mile.

    Sorry for the numbers, the point is there will be some mild level of intensification, reflected in more apartment complexes, and mixed-use development in parts of suburbs, and millions of remodeled houses will add a 2nd floor, things like that, but end result will simply be a somewhat more mature suburban landscape; nothing radically different.

    Golf: we have as many golf courses as we need, some will be converted to other uses, a few new ones will open, but about 14,000 golf courses in the USA is plenty given only 10 percent of the population will be golfers at any given time.