Live Remote Broadcast: Latino/as in Columbus

Latina Community

Photo: Cliff1066 (flickr)

Join us as we talk about the Latino/a community in Columbus, and throughout Ohio.


Join host Ann Fisher for a special live broadcast from Columbus Public Health Farmer’s Market… this hour, with a focus on  Latinos in Columbus.


  • Josue Vicente (Executive Director, Ohio Hispanic Coalition)
  • Ruben Herrera (community organizer, Ohio Action Circle)
  • Sandra Lopez (Co-founder, Latinas in Ohio)
  • Rolanda Copley (Festival Latino 2011, CAPA Columbus)
  • Enrique Infante (Festival Latino 2011, Performer)

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Festival Latino is taking place this weekend, from August 14-15th. To find out more about all this event has to offer CLICK HERE for more information!


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