Leap Year: How to Make the Most of an Extra Day Every 4 Years



According to an old Irish legend, women are allowed to propose to men once every four years: on leap day. What other traditions surround this extra day of the year? And can you make the most of your extra 24 hours in 2012? On this hour of “All Sides,” Pat Snyder will join us to talk about making the most of this leap year.


  • Pat Snyder (author and columnist, Suburban News Publications)

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  • Tcmiller

    why Feb is short:
    in roman calendar months alternated between 31 and 30 days, so Feb had 30.  July as named after Juluis Cesar.  When August was named after Augustus Cesar, they did not want to dis him with short month.  so they stole one day frm Feb and gave it to August.