Jon Waters on the OSU Marching Band


10 am

In fewer than three weeks, everything has changed for once-celebrated OSU marching band director Jon Waters. He was once lauded for leading the band to national fame, but was fired late last month for not addressing the group’s sexualized culture. This hour we’ll hear Waters’ thoughts on why he was dismissed, what he’s learned and what’s ahead.


  • Jonathan Waters, former OSU marching band director

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  • TBDBITL Supporter

    Thank you so much for having him on and getting voice of so many others on this issue. I am a huge fan if the show and a huge fan/friend of Jon’s. He was so well spoken and deserves an open conversation with the university. His comment about not leading through intimidation and fear gets to the heart of how I know Jon. He was one of the only leaders who helped me get through my tough time in the school of music where I was being taught through fear and intimidation. With Jon’s caring nature and open door policy, I was able to get through my first few years of the school of music and he taught me to stand up for myself. The band and the people of the band was my safe haven and that speaks words of what the culture of the band was to me. A culture of love, respect, acceptance, and discipline which started from the top down. ‪#‎istandwithjonwaters‬

    • TBDBITL Supporter

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  • Joe Krocker

    My daughter is beginning her fifth year with the band. As an admittedly over-protective parent almost on the verge of a helicopter parent, I fully trust the Ohio State Marching Band. My daughter has had the best experience with the band and has has nothing but respect from all of the members and staff. Never has she felt intimidated, demeaned, or hazed. She never had to participate in anything she did not want to. The truth can be found in the stories and experiences be expressed by the many current and former band members. Jon Waters is a good and caring person and is the only person who can help the university save face and regain their respect in a short amount of time. He is willing to work with everyone concerned to resolve this entire mess.

  • Clarinet player

    Thanks so much for having this session with Jon Waters. Jon has to stand-up for himself and all those band members that now have had their name tarnished. It’s moved from his love for the university to protecting himself, his family, and the students. Jon you have to fight for yourself in the courts and through all legal means! I find this whole situation so weird in the fact that I as a parent only had one right while putting my daughter through college and that was to pay the bill. Yet this whole situation came from the lips of one parent. Was that parent a part of the whole band culture? On every trip? In each bus? At every game? In all the dorms? At all practices? What does anyone know about this parent/child that reported these situations? What is the background? Any mental concerns? 250 kids and all the leadership plus 4,000 alumni have had their names drug through the mud and yet this one student and parent remains nameless! Is there even a student or were these made-up concerns? This whole situation is CRAZY!!!!