John Steinbeck’s Legacy


John Steinbeck is a celebrated, Nobel Prize-winning American author. On this hour, we’ll talk about his legacy on American literature in connection with the 50th Anniversary of one of his books, Travels with Charley.


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Click here for more information on the Travels with Charley 50th Anniversary Edition by John Steinbeck.

Click here for more information on A Journey into Steinbeck’s California by Susan Shillinglaw.

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  • Bill Steigerwald

    “All Sides” is an ironic title for this show.

    Professor Shillinglaw’s downplaying of Steinbeck’s many “creative nonfictions” in “Travels With Charley” was largely unchallenged by the host. Ann Fisher and Shillinglaw ignored what I discovered/proved/exposed about the heavy fictionalizing and the inherent dishonesty of the iconic travel book during my two-plus years of journalism on and off the road.

    Perhaps some of your readers would like to hear the other side of “Charley” — i.e., the true side. If they want to learn the full extent of the deceit involved in the writing, editing, marketing and teaching of Steinbeck’s work of “nonfiction,” they should check out my Amazon ebook “Dogging Steinbeck,” go to
    Bill Steigerwald