Jobs Bill and GOP Response/Economics of Independent Film



During the first segment of the first hour, we’ll talk to Congressman Steve Stivers about President Obama’s Jobs Bill and Ohio’s Congressional Redistricting.


  • Congressman Steve Stivers (15th Congressional District)


Independent low-budget filmmaking has always survived on the margins, but now the economics of film production and distribution are more challenging than ever before.

Hollywood continues to churn out blockbusters for the multiplexes…so why do we still value independent films?

For the remainder of the hour we’ll hear about a group of community leaders and arts patrons who rescued Central Ohio’s historic Drexel movie theatre.


  • Rose Kuo (Executive Director, Film Society of Lincoln Theatre)
  • Bonnie Milenthal (Partner, The Milenthal Group)
  • Bill Conner (CAPA President and CEO)

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  • Heather Walden

    Although I disagree with a lot of this, I’m happy with the change in redistricting because Stivers no longer represents me. :-)