Jersey Boys – The Musical!/ Columbus’ First Sitcom Web Series


Jersey Boys—the Musical.


  • Actors :    Quinn VanAntwerp , Matt Bailey, Joseph Leo Bwarie, and Adam Zelasko.

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Columbus’ first sitcom web series.


  • Louie Cowan (Executive Producer/Director)
  • scOtt summitt (Co-creator/Co-Producer)

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  • You can watch the first episode of “Two Doors Down” and learn more about this endeavor at the following site:

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  • Nbeja

    Enjoyed Jersey Boys show as well as the actors/singers appearance on “All Sides.”  I was wondering if you knew if anyone related to the production knew of the connection between the Roy Lichtenstein pop art shown during the show and the fact that Lichtenstein had an affiliation with Ohio State.  Lichtenstein received his bachelor of fine arts degree from Ohio State University in 1946 and a master of fine arts degree in 1949. He taught at Ohio State until 1951,