It’s the Economy, Stupid



So, what really is the economy? What makes those markets ebb and flow? On this hour, we’ll talk about the basic American economy and the plans of the Presidential candidates that will best suit your ideas about appropriate economic choices.


  • Paddy Hirsch (author and Senior Producer of Personal Finance at Marketplace for American Public Media)
  • Brian O’Connor (Personal Finance Editor for The Detroit News)
  • Neal Hooker (Professor in the John Glenn School of Public Affairs at the Ohio State University)

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  • Kimberly

    Great show!

  • D’

    I was listening to Mr. Hirsch and Mr. O’Connor on the program today and really appreciated their pragmatic and comprehensive way of describing the difference between the Market and the Economy.  The failure of our Congress to pass legislation that would increase jobs and thus demand for goods and services in the national economy by rejecting government funded infrastructure projects.  And where the President should have held the financial institutions that caused the housing crisis more accountable.  Great program Ann!!