Improv: It’s Not Just For Comedians



Composer Franz Liszt was a great improviser, so were Mike Nichols and Elaine May, but improv is a skill that can benefit anyone– teachers, CEOs, even radio hosts. Paul Simon once said, “Improvisation is too good to leave to chance,” so this hour we’ll talk about what it takes to go unscripted and how the words “yes and” can change your life.



October 24th- October 27th, the Columbus Unscripted Improv Festival brings you hilarity from all corners of Cap City.

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  • Improv Fan

    Whenever I play the interview, a Medicaid debate is streamed instead. Is it possible to play the Improv segment on this site?

  • Lucy Floyd

    Improv is life, and Life is improv! Great interview. I am just embarking on a new career, teaching improv to ages 8-98 and loving every minute of it! This is my calling in life. I just need to hone my own improv skills more while teaching others. I’m open to any suggestions from the experts! And yes, it is addictive, in such a great way!
    -Lucy Floyd, Improv Maven