Historic Columbus Taverns: A Look at the City’s Oldest Saloons


Columbus has always been a tavern city, which leaves us with a rich history of taverns passed and an appreciation of those still in business today. On this hour, we’ll talk about the historic saloons in our city’s history.


  • Tom Betti (Chair of the Education Committee for the Columbus Landmarks Foundation)
  • Doreen Uhas-Sauer (Past President of the Columbus Landmarks Foundation)

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Click here for more information on Historic Columbus Taverns: The Capital City’s Most Storied Saloons by Tom Betti and Doreen Uhas Sauer.

Click here for more information on the Columbus Landmarks Foundation.

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  • Diane

    what about the State and Fourth bar?
    or the Ringside downtown?

  • dustyrose

    do u have a link that I can see pics and names of all the taverns??