Heroin Abuse in Ohio



Heroin use in Ohio has been declared a public health crisis by state lawmakers. The situation has prompted one county prosecutor to reach out to the addicts directly. This hour we’ll talk about the heroin problem in the state and have a discussion with the county prosecutor who is trying to help solve it.


  • Michael T. Gmoser, Butler County Prosecutor
  • Orman Hall, director of the Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team
  • Ginny O’Keefe, CEO of Amethyst
  • Misty Ward, recovering heroin addict and member of the Amethyst program

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  • Evan Rogers

    I don’t buy that prosecutor’s PR fling: “drug addicts do terrible things”. OK, then arrest them FOR THE BAD THINGS THEY DO – NOT because of their drug use.

    Let’s face facts: our last three presidents have openly admitted (one was indicted for trying to lie about it) to using drugs. Clinton: weed (at least), W: cocaine, Obama: Weed (at least).

    The idea of destroying poppy fields in Mexico and disrupting the supply chain are terrible ideas. Any economist will just tell you that this will raise prices. This is the LAST thing these people need.

    You want to REALLY help people? Make the drugs legal, stop throwing the victims in jail (less they commit an ACTUAL crime), and watch as drug prices PLUMMET. Weed was made legal in 2 (3?) states, and the drug cartels are REELING in pain from it.

    Make the drugs legal, prices will plummet, drug companies will have to compete with the lower costs, insurance rates will drop (despite ObamaCare), and the addicts will actually be able to AFFORD to get off their addictions. While the prices plummet, watch as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda become unable to fund themselves.

    Economics is a field of study that has a LOT to say about this issue, and its sad to see it ignored. It’s terrible to see that even liberals are having trouble understanding the obvious solution to this issue. Only libertarians seem to get it.