Hairdo Monologues: Cancer Survivor Story Telling


Photo: Pat Wynn Brown

On this hour, we're talking about a new Hair Theater show by Pat Wynn Brown.


Pat Wynn Brown  has put together another Hairdo Monologues show where breast cancer survivors, their professional staff, and family members work together creatively to tell stories about everything from the doctor-patient relationship and hair loss with chemotherapy. On this hour, we’ll preview the show with a few of the cast members.


  • Pat Wynn Brown, founder of Hair Theater
  • Dr. Mark Cripe, board-certified general surgeon and fellowship-trained breast surgeon
  • Bethany Golden, owner of Over My Head wig shop
  • Tony Cochran, creator of Agnes cartoon
  • Vickie Smith, cancer survivor

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The Hairdo Monologues, Thursday Feb 28th at 7:00pm. Tickets are free but you must register: 614-566-5810 or

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Click here for more information on the Hairdo Monologues performances.

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